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About company

Personal Guidance By Professional Account Manager

Our clients benefit of personal account managers who are top industry experts in their trading sectors. Crystal Wave provides Advice to companies on capital structure, industrial strategy and ​related issues. In addition we provide consultancy and services as well. We have experience advising our clients about business mergers and acquisitions, investment research and financial analysis or other forms of general recommendations relating to transactions in financial instruments.

First Class Market Analysts & Trading Specialists

We are an authorized and regulated brokerage. Our company specializes in automated trading software along with personal account managers for each of our clients providing them with most advanced tools to maximize their trading results

Leading The Way In Automated Trading Strategies

We specialize in automatic trading, our software works on all world markets, including cryptocurrencies

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3 thoughts on “CRYSTAL WAVE REVIEW

  1. Well what can I say, working with Crystal Wave is a wonderful experience if you are looking for a way to securely lose all your funds. This company is so “responsive” that they will decide for you how and when to close your positions. Withdraw your funds? Yes, just forget! They care about you so much that they just won’t let you go with the money. My conclusion is simple: I advise you to avoid this “wonderful” company.

  2. You will face the first problems on the Crystal Wave site at the same moment when you want to withdraw money. It turns out that this is not possible, they also want to steal money from the account. Screaming, rude and humiliating. Do not under any circumstances deal with this scammer!

  3. I’m just blown away by this company! Crystal Wave is a highly incompetent broker that not only deceives its clients but goes out of their way to ruin their trading experience. I had serious problems with the withdrawal of funds – the managers ignored my requests, and then they were rude and threatened. I would not recommend this site in any way!!!

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