Website: https://raceoption.com

Phone: +442080685335

Address: Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Marshall Islands

Email: –

About company:

Top-Notch Platform

With Raceoption you can operate on Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Stocks, Commodities and Indices. Rollover, Double Up and Sell features are available!

No Previous Experience?

Just start copying the most successful users!

  • STEP 1 Choose user to copy ordersSelect one or several users from the list of the most successful ones.
  • STEP 2 Monitor your trading activityYou don’t need to trade manually, just monitor the trading activity on your account.
  • STEP 3 Profit outcomeAll winning trades grant you clear profit, without any unexpected commissions being taken.

Our Advantages

  • Average withdrawal processing time – 60 minutes
  • Available weekends trading
  • Wide range of funding and withdrawals methods
  • 100% secured operations with the data protection
  • Guided facility with a help of skilled advisor
  • More than 150’000 orders served daily
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Consistent copy trading feature

3 thoughts on “RACEOPTION REVIEW

  1. In my work, I use 5-minute timeframes, and even 15-minute timeframes, it all depends on your choice of trading pair. It’s good that there are plenty of them here, there is everything from ordinary fiat currency pairs in forex to raw materials. There are even precious metals. I like index funds, especially the S&P 500. I put about 35 percent of my capital there and have a good income, but you need to follow the schedule, but this is not very often. In general, the impressions are positive. The company is not bad with good prospects for the future. But do not rush into it, allocate part of the funds for it, there are risks. 0

  2. Here it is, this platform that will deceive you and not blink an eye. I don’t even want to tell you everything in detail, how much everything has been lied to here. Already other clients of this sharashki have done it for me. They were looking for a place to make a lot of money with the Raceoption site, and as a result, they stupidly leaked everything. They did not execute orders, and in general they even managed the terminal as they wanted. Eternal slips, glitches, crashes, etc. Personally, thanks to this desk, I lost 600 bucks. But I’m still okay, the amount for this case is more or less acceptable, while others there have simply huge sums of several thousand bucks. It is clear that this sharashka office will not give anything back, no matter how much we would like to. 0

  3. Now, if someone had told me earlier about the existence of such companies, then right then I would have quit my unloved and tedious job, otherwise the salary of 35 thousand rubles a month with my mortgage is very small. More recently, I was told about this company in detail when I asked a friend to explain what binary options are and how they differ from the Forex currency market. In fact, it turned out that the tool is just a godsend, and the profit from one transaction can reach up to 90%! I signed up and got trained. And now my income is already decent.

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