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Hatom has built a complete Ecosystem dedicated to fostering DeFi on MultiversX, offering a range of products designed to shape the landscape, including a lending and borrowing protocol, liquid staking, a native stablecoin, and lending as a service among other ventures. Hatom’s ecosystem is committed to providing users with secure, transparent, and user-friendly access to DeFi services while emphasizing scalability and security within the MultiversX blockchain.

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  1. Crypto project Hatom (HTM) is classified as DeFi. The Hatom project uses its token as a Utility and is hosted on the main blockchain of the Svoi Blockchain network. The current total supply of tokens is 100.00 M HTM (tokens in circulation + tokens not yet issued – burned tokens). In total, $2,000,000 (25.84% of the total number of tokens) was allocated for the public sale.

  2. Hatom combines the features of major DeFi protocols on Ethereum, including liquid staking, lending, and algorithmic stablecoin mechanisms. By introducing these capabilities, Hatom aims to enhance the MultiversX DeFi ecosystem and attract new capital, strengthening network security and enabling the emergence of new opportunities.

  3. Hatom Protocol is a decentralized, algorithmic lending, borrowing, and staking protocol built on the MultiversX Network. It offers a range of DeFi services, allowing users to participate as suppliers, borrowers, or liquidators. Suppliers can earn interest by providing liquidity, while borrowers can access overcollateralized loans.

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