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About company:

The SBIT500 platform includes several services: a cryptocurrency exchange and an investment platform. The project was founded in 2019. Registered in Hong Kong. The investment component of SBIT500 is implemented as a copy trading service, which allows less experienced users to invest in the strategies of professional traders. Return on investment – up to 190% per year with a possible drawdown of 30%. The minimum deposit amount is $100. The exchange only supports trading of 6 cryptocurrencies.

3 thoughts on “SBIT500  Review

  1. I fell for the fact that there are actually no reviews about the SBIT500 office. I began to study information about this company on the Web and it turned out that all the data had to be taken from its website. This confused me a little, but the employees of the company overcame the fear. They promised such sweet conditions that it was difficult for me to refuse … I opened my eyes to the truth only when, after several unsuccessful attempts, I could not take my money. Be careful, otherwise you will have to look for an intelligent chargeback service, like me.

  2. Of the cheap ones, this is the most convenient with metal knives imitating millstones. the only thing was to adjust the gap between the millstones. If anyone wants to repeat it at their own peril and risk, the parts are plastic. After the first inclusion, the grinding is complete crap. He took out the upper knife and, without snapping it, put it back in, holding it so that it would not spin, turned the grinding regulator knob upwards (clicks, of course, as if something had broken), and a miracle after such an adjustment, fine grinding appeared, not quite dust, of course, but close to dust. And now the regulator began to set the normal degree of grinding, and I liked the coffee grinder after setting it up, it is very convenient and now freshly ground coffee is always at hand.

  3. I agree that SBIT500 is another scam. I myself did not fall into this scam, but my friend blew a two-room apartment in Kazan on this platform. He would have continued to pour funds here in pursuit of ephemeral earnings … The sad thing is that he understood the essence of the scam so late.

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