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Bitrue is a cryptocurrency exchange that launched in July 2017. The trading floor was registered in Canada, but over time the company opened additional offices in the United States and Singapore. The US and Southeast Asian markets are a priority for, but traders from Russia can also work on it. We bring to your attention a detailed review of the Bitrue cryptocurrency exchange, consider the capabilities of this exchange and customer reviews about the company. Site review Since the cryptocurrency exchange is aimed at users from America and Southeast Asia, there is no Russian-language interface on the site. Traders who know English well will be able to work on the stock exchange. The main page of Bitrue contains an overview of the latest news and company announcements. In particular, in December, the platform introduced the possibility of borrowing, added 30 new trading pairs with Ripple, and also announced a drawing of 240,000 XRP.

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  1. There are problems with the withdrawal of money. There are often delays. I don’t like this at all. Reviews about Bitra met before, people complained about withdrawal delays, but now I can personally confirm this.

  2. I can’t call Bitrue a normal company. My history of cooperation with them is rather sad. Last year, he won a prize in the announced competition. I had to transfer a certain amount of XEM tokens to my account. Not only were the transfers delayed for several months, but they also underestimated the XEM exchange rate for another crypt. Plus, then it turned out that in order to withdraw profits, you need to replenish your account in BTC. In short, do not believe the tales of the “cool exchange” Bitrue!

  3. I made a little mistake with the wallet address, and my deposit went somewhere. I contacted support, but they refused to help me. Although the money is on the accounts of the exchange! It’s just a shame to scam your customers this way!

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