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Bitexbook is a young crypto exchange regulated by Russia. The beginning of its activity is dated 2017. The beta version of the service was launched in 2018. To date, the site is available in Russian and English, which allows the project to go beyond the borders of one country. But, perhaps, in the future, the geography of access will be wider. Users note that the platform interface is convenient and understandable for both an experienced player and a beginner in the cryptosphere. Night mode included.

3 thoughts on “Bitexbook Review

  1. You should not be led by the assurances of company employees that you will easily and quickly earn a lot of money. These are all talk. This will not happen! My result is minus almost 10,000 bucks, and the nerves that you can’t buy are also pretty well spent. Divorce is everything.

  2. BITEXBOOK is more aimed at CIS traders, and in terms of security, there are twofold feelings: there is a two-factor system, which is already good, but offshore registration does not inspire confidence. A two-tier affiliate program? Sounds good, but I’m not sure yet that I would offer BITEXBOOK to my friends. Because in two weeks of trading here, my terminal hung up twice and profitable deals failed. So far I am referring to the work of the stock exchange on New Year’s holidays, but if this continues, it is unlikely that I will stay here for a long time. I tested the withdrawal, small amounts are withdrawn calmly. I am not ready to deposit large sums into BITEXBOOK. The fees are low, but I’d rather pay more to get my money’s worth.

  3. Does tech support work here? Four letters flew into the dumplings along the way, no answer, no hello! And the terminal both hangs and continues. Shame and not the stock exchange!

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