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The hype around “crypto”, which peaked at the end of 2017, is in the past. Despite this, today there is a fairly large number of holders of certain coins. And this means that there is a demand for the exchange of cryptocurrencies. Today we will review TradeOgre, which at the time of December 2019 allows users to exchange more than 70 cryptocurrencies. Let’s not ignore the user reviews as well, many of which are wondering if is another scam project? General Information According to CoinGecko, TradeOgre was launched in 2018, which means that the platform is quite young. Unfortunately, in the process of writing the review, we were unable to find in open sources the registration address of the company that owns the cryptocurrency exchange. This information is also missing from the Terms of Service.

3 thoughts on “TradeOgre Review

  1. I left this crypto exchange a long time ago and became calmer. They are frozen in time and since their inception have not done anything to upgrade a little, there is no development, there are a lot of promising services around where everything is easier than on TradeOgre. And here you come as in a dense forest, no answer, no hello.

  2. I bought into advertising and opened an account on this exchange, but it’s good that I thought of putting almost a penny there. When I realized that the exchange sucks and trading on it is simply technically inconvenient due to the ragul interface, I decided to withdraw all the money that I started. But the money never came out. Just by clicking on the withdrawal button on the site, nothing happens. Although you can trade. Personally, I concluded about the exchange that these are scammers who even tried to make a normal site.

  3. To hell with this exchange, in general, it was necessary to create if there is practically no trade on it. The glasses are empty, the charts are moving. Well, at the same time, the joke is that the exchange is definitely not a scammer, because I nevertheless withdrew my money from it. In general, Tradeogre is some kind of strange crypto exchange.

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